Do you like to look at default designs? We don’t!


of people leave the site if they saw the poor design, so we put a lot of effort into design development.


of people remain on the page where the design is poor. And most likely because they have no choice.



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Modern business loses a lot of its owner underestimates the right site of his company. You need to clearly understand that the design and usability of the site create the first impression of your company. By accessing the site, the visitor makes his first judgment about your company. Attractive design. If you think that such trifles are not worth paying attention to, think about the fact that you need sweets in the returned wrapper, even if the seller claims that they are incredibly tasty? The answer is unequivocal: most likely - no! Thus, poor design can prevent success.

How we work?

Step 1

It all starts with planning and researching exactly your needs. Who is your target audience? What kind of website do you need?

Step 2

The next step is a prototyping, where we develop and offer you several layouts of your future website.

Step 3

Further, of course, we coordinate all the layouts with you and discuss all the necessary little things, only after you are satisfied with the layout will we get to work.

Step 4

We design your site from a to z. And finally, after some time, you will have your design ready for development.

Your ideal website is here!

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With the advent of the website, smmcontent has reached a new level in sales and customer acquisition.